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"Bornica" (www.bornica.ru) acts as a software developer for Transport Companies. Our programs allow to take stock of fuel consumption, repairs and fleet maintenances, and to optimize Transport Company's business.

Talking to our customers we have found out that lots of russian enterprises show preference for trucks, buses and specialized vehicles from foreign manufacturers. Generally technical vehicles are purchased second-hand, but nevertheless it turns to be very profitable.

However in case of repairing or servicing the lack of information about spare parts, mechanisms and units is revealed. That is why we have created the Internet-project "Mehanik.ru" to help our customers.

After a year of operating of our web cite 600 companies, which deal with trucks, buses and specialized vehicles sales and also spare parts and maintenance are included to the catalog.

We have more then 80 unique visitors a day. We can offer foreign companies an opportunity to place the information about them on our web cite (not more then 1 printer's sheet). This is for free.

Also we will willingly discuss your suggestions about placing the advertisement.

We believe that owing to our web cite you will find a great number of customers in Russia and in CIS.



28.06.2013 Fuso Canter .
20.06.2013 Scania Euro 6
29.04.2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
29.04.2013 Daimler DT12
23.04.2013 Volvo ,

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